These problems were made by the 6th grade.
They do not necessarily have whole number answers.
In all of these problems, the shape in question is a rectangular prism.

Dimensions: x^2, (x-2), and x.
Volume: 2304 cubic centimeters
Find x.

2. Volume: 480 cubic units
Dimensions: 10, x, and (x+2)
Find x and the surface area

3. Dimensions: 8,x, and x^2
Surface Area: 2976 sq. units
Find x and volume.

4. Height: 20
Surface Area: 284 sq. un.
Find volume and dimensions.

5. Surface Area: 810 sq. units
Volume: 2480
Find dimensions.

6. Height: 9
Volume: 2925 cubic units
Find the dimensions and the surface area

7. V: 27 cubic units
Dimensions: x, x, and 3
Find the surface area and x

8. V: 2535 cubic units
Dimensions: x, (x+8), and 13
Find the surface area and x

9. V: 1490cubic units
Surface area: 641 square units
Dimensions are x, 3, and (x+8)

Master Problem 1:
Dimensions: yx^3, x^2, and (x-2.5)
Volume: 447,775.375
Find x and y.